Home search & contract

⋅ Initial telephone or email contact
⋅ Selection of properties to view
⋅ Accompanying to property viewings
⋅ Assistance with selection process
⋅ Help negotiating rental costs and other fees on customer final selection

⋅ Contract supervision and translation
⋅ Arrangement of temporary accommodation until ready to move-in
⋅ Arrangement for lease review / Lease renewal
⋅ Arrangement for deposits

⋅ Introduction to furniture and appliance vendors


Move in day program

⋅ Check-in inventory
⋅ Electricity and gas payment defined clearly with the owner at the moving date
⋅ Provide list of possible useful support services (management, cleaner, electrician, etc.)


Other JFY services

⋅ Airport transfer
⋅ Police registration
⋅ Arranging for telephone installation, cable TV
⋅ Opening a bank account
⋅ Opening a mobile phone line
⋅ Contact and help with support services if needed
⋅ Ongoing emergency access to the consultant after completion of service.


Departure Services

⋅ Lease termination
⋅ Check-out inventory
⋅ Coordination of final bill payments
⋅ Closing down of utilities, phone, cable, etc.
⋅ Coordinate/collect refunds of deposits