Expatriates in Wuhan are confronted with countless questions concerning daily life. Just For You Relocation Services offers individual Orientation Tours as well as an introduction to the way things actually are locally.
We can arrange an  “orientation and introduction program” for the client to present their new destination before or after they accept the assignment in Wuhan.
All clients receive one Welcome Pack which contains thorough information about the country, maps and books regarding their new destination, the different schools and foreign associations, etc…

It consists in:

⋅ Initial telephone and/or email contact and review of Needs Assessment
⋅ Meet & Greet. Provide Welcome Pack
⋅ Orientation Tour of different neighborhoods and residential areas.
⋅ Shopping information (supermarkets, malls, stores etc… )
⋅ Housing Overview:  accompanied visit to sample properties
⋅ Check requirements for schooling & visit schools
⋅ Introduction to expat network, community and associations
⋅ Information on social aspects of the new culture
⋅ Leisure activities and kids entertainment
⋅ Overview of local health services